Monitor transport conditions
throughout the entire supply chain

Goods such as medicines and agri-food products must be transported with great care and under specific conditions to keep them viable. Tracking systems report data such as temperature, shock and tilt to provide better insights into quality control, traceability and responsibility boundaries. Tracking ensures sensitive materials are delivered safely, on time and in perfect condition.

Improving food safety

Food temperature monitoring is crucial for anyone in the food industry. IoT solutions can help ensure food safety procedures are observed by accurately monitoring the temperature of food storage facilities and refrigerated trucks and containers. A simple device installed in the storage unit is linked
to an online dashboard that can be configured to send alerts in the event of abnormal temperature levels, to trigger swift remedial action.


Water management enters the age of the smart city thanks to IoT

Put an end to time and money spent on manual on-site meter readings and data processing of water, gas and  electricity consumption. Once activated, connected meters immediately start transmitting data over the Sigfox public network with no pairing or configuration required, and run for years without replacing the battery. You can now monitor and optimize your infrastructure in real time to detect leaks and breakdowns, and service providers can automate billing and remotely activate and deactivate services.

Attendance monitoring is cost-efficient, easier and accurate with IoT.

From corporate businesses to primary schools, attendance monitoring is an operational headache. Bureaucratic, inaccurate and inflexible, it is a major source of tension for organizations across the globe. It’s a problem that is only going to get worse. As remote working goes mainstream, organizations are going to have an even harder time keeping track of staff that work outside of traditional office hours and in multiple time zones.


IoT security solutions complement existing technologies to give providers a powerful new tool.

If you are in the security industry, you know this to be true: customers entrust your company with much more than just their possessions. They entrust you with their homes, their businesses, the safety of their families and the security of their livelihoods. To maintain this trust, security companies must provide reliable, consistent protection. But this can be difficult. GSM jammers and other blocking devices threaten the integrity of security systems. Companies that offer manned guard services consistently struggle to maintain security guard accountability. Increasingly, providers are turning to the next generation of intelligent security solutions to improve the effectiveness of their existing services.


Track your assets to optimize the supply chain

Sigfox has broken down the barriers that traditional tracking technology comes up against. Asset tracking is now affordable, easy to install and maintain, and available worldwide.
Tracking devices can run for months or even years without a battery change, and they work both indoors and outdoors.
Trackers transmit location data from fleets of returnable containers, as well as valuable information on the whereabouts of other deliveries, including pallets, parcels and trolleys.
This offers value chain security, peace of mind and efficiency.