Regarding Sigfox Receivership

What does it mean that Sigfox is under receivership? Is Sigfox going out of business? If not, what has changed at Sigfox?

No, Sigfox is not going out of business. The announcement shows that the Sigfox team is taking an active approach to protect the company and its employees, reset, restructure, and turn around the business.

Management will be working closely with the appointed administrators to ensure that ALL business operations, services and support remain intact until a suitable solution is found.


What is the impact on local Sigfox 0G Operators?

More than 75 exclusive, independent Sigfox operators around the world have selected Sigfox’ 0G technology to build, own, operate and commercialize the only single, dedicated IoT network based on the leading 0G LPWAN technology. This community of operators founded the 0G United Nations association and continues to provide local service with global scale to their customers and partners.


What is the impact on the 0G connectivity services?

Service continuity arrangements exist and are coordinated at a global and local level between Sigfox and 0G Network Operators to ensure no disruption to the global 0G connectivity services.


What happens next?

During the 6 monthly observation period, Sigfox will be focused on finding investors to support the long-term development of the company and its unique technology while meeting its day-to-day financial commitments.

In the meantime, a business continuity plan has been agreed upon and implemented with Sigfox Operators to ensure zero disruption to network operations globally.

Customers are protected with the continuity of service clause which allows independent Sigfox Operators to retrieve messages from the back-end and send them to any back-end in the event Sigfox network is disrupted.


What does this mean for IoT Sweden?

As the exclusive 0G Network Operator of Sigfox in Sweden our business services and support for our partners and customers continues and remains business-as-usual.


What does this mean for the global Sigfox community?

This situation presents an opportunity for Sigfox to re-set for future growth and create value for the entire ecosystem leveraging their 0G technology.

The Sigfox Sweden Team

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