The world’s largest 0G network for the Internet of Things

Sigfox Sweden is the first IoT operator in Sweden. Together with the French company Sigfox, the world`s leading provider of Internet networks, we are building a nationwide IoT network in Sweden. 

Globalization concept

Firstly, security comes with each device. Security is also supported by radio technology. The communication between the base stations and the Sigfox Cloud, as well as the Sigfox cloud itself, are secure, robust, trusted, and scalable. At the chain end, IT platforms of customers are connected to the Sigfox Cloud using HTTPS encrypted interfaces.

In short, because it is the most affordable technology, the least power-hungry, the simplest, and the most mature technology of all IoT technologies on the market. It is also the only one with nationwide deployments in 60 countries, including most countries in Europe, the USA (100 cities deployed), Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Colombia), UAE (Oman), South East Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong & Singapore) and Australia and New Zealand.


More advantages with Sigfox:

  • The lowest prices on the market: Sigfox offers the most competitive mobile communication services for Machine-to-Machine and IoT applications.

  • Reliable, long-term connection: Focused on M2M applications with very long life, Sigfox solution uses so little energy that your equipment can provide reliable connectivity in a simple battery, up to 20 years.

  • An eco-friendly M2M solution: The Sigfox network is designed to minimise its environmental footprint, with small antennas (70cm high), ultra-low power consumption (both network and modem level), and ultra-low electromagnetic pollution.

  • Easy, all the way: Easy to integrate, compact and affordable modem solutions that are available through Sigfox partners. Data transfers are internet-ready: your data is delivered directly to your IT system using standard web services.

  • Safely connected anywhere: Despite working with deficient energy consumption, the unique Sigfox radio technology makes it possible to access underground equipment and connect efficiently. The Sigfox network has already been tested and approved for (business) critical applications, and it is designed to provide robust and secure communications with a high QoS level. You can check the status of your devices and communication levels anywhere and anytime via the Sigfox control interface.

  • Built for your success: Start with a Proof of Concept before deploying on a large scale. Whatever your volumes, the Sigfox solution is highly scalable, and the network is designed to handle billions of connections.

  • Ready for IoT: The Sigfox ultra-affordable, ultra-low power consumption solution has already been adopted and successfully used in many industrial M2M/IoT applications in more than 20 countries.

  • The world’s first mobile network provider specifically for M2M and IoT.