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About us

Sigfox Sweden wants to help companies connect objects to the Internet to increase productivity, accelerate decision making, improve quality of service, or simply solve problems in an economic and connected manner. Sigfox Sweden is founded by veterans in the telecommunications industry and backed by Swedish high tech financial investors.


Building a network for the Internet of Things

We have chosen to build the network in collaboration with Sigfox because we strongly believe in Sigfox communication solution for IoT. Together with Sigfox, we are part of a global roaming-free network: the biggest of its kind. The network is built with carrier-grade class network technology. We are building for future generations, and for the whole of Sweden.

Today we have 62% of the population covered with 23% coverage of the landmass, and we are growing each month. Our customer base is diverse, ranging from municipalities who monitor their manholes to the complexities of logistics companies that account for the processing and management of goods that flow from sender to receiver. More than 30% of Sigfox’s revenue come from logistics and asset tracking.


We have a need for investments until the end of 2020. These investments are meant for rolling out the network and developing business in Sweden, as well as contributing to the roll-out in Norway, Poland and Iceland.

If you are interested to invest in one or more national carrier-grade IoT radio networks, please contact us at

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