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About us

Sigfox Sweden wants to help companies connect objects to the Internet to increase productivity, accelerate decision making, improve quality of service, or simply solve problems in an economic and connected manner. Sigfox Sweden is founded by veterans in the telecommunications industry and backed by Swedish high tech financial investors.


Building and running a nationwide

network in Sweden for connection of

physical objects to the internet

  • Control quality of delivery (SLA, humidity, temperature, shock)

  • Identify responsibility of assets and localization off premises

  • Ensure recovery of lost assets

  • Ensure uptime with predictive and reactive maintenance

  • Optimize your maintenance plans

  • Automatize replenishment

  • Increase revenue from your assets

  • Streamline your business processes

  • Improve your productivity



people have coverage


countries are covered by the Sigfox network

5 Millions

km2 is covered with the help of Sigfox radio technology



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